A Scholar’s Journey – Amelia Ng

“Nothing is impossible” is a phrase frequently said by many. But, how many of us hold this belief dearly in our daily lives, be it while pursuing our dreams or even achieving a new goal?

Life as we all know never ceases to throw challenges at us. Then again, we won’t be left to face them alone. There are many good Samaritans around, waiting to lend us a helping hand. I found one – Hong Leong Foundation (HLF).

Everyone’s dream is unique. For me, I grew up loving figures. I love mathematics and my calculator is the most treasured item in my pencil case. Through these simple likings, I chose to pursue the accountancy pathway.

Even though studying Accounting to many is a challenge, that didn’t deter me from my determination to achieve my dream. I always envisioned myself as being in a profession relating to accountancy, be it an auditor, an accountant or even a lecturer. For that, I leave it to where my future leads me.

My college life - Being around friends with the same interest, passing exams together, joining activities etc. has always been a joy to me. Looking back, I would proudly say I have lived my college life to the fullest. I was lucky, I had an additional financial support from HLF. There was not a time that I would have to worry about getting a part time job to provide for my expenses.

Heard of the saying, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”? HLF is not only generous in their financial support, but also sees the need in giving us a hands-on platform to develop our soft skills. It was a fruitful scholar experience for me, as I was given the opportunity to participate in 2 enrichment camps organized by HLF during my college time.

I had a truly beautiful experience being a Hong Leong scholar, and I urge all the school leavers out there to follow your passions and believe that everything is possible.


Amelia Ng is a former Hong Leong Foundation scholar. She is currently an auditor at KPMG. To know more regarding our scholarship programmes click here