Intern Diaries – Ellie

When I first visited Hong Leong Foundation, I was not sure of what to expect. However, after working with this inspiring team for a few weeks, I can say for sure that it was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had so far. I had the pleasure of participating in various meaningful projets.

Initially, I partook in the establishment of a new SOLS scholarship in Penang’s university PSDC. It was a unique experience, not only because I got a deeper insight into the financial and organisational planning of the scholarship, but also because I went to Penang and got to meet scholars in their first week. Moreover, back in Kuala Lumpur, we organised a thumb printing event for children, visiting several Children’s Homes, and got them to participate in order to raise funds for their Homes.

Finally, I assisted in interviewing scholarship candidates for international masters. It was very interesting to be on the other side of the interviews, and the students’ determination was energising.

Overall, those few weeks with HLF gave me a lot more than I could have imagined. I would highly suggest to anyone who is willing and able, to capture this unique opportunity. You will get to work with an amazing team, discover a great culture – if you are not from Malaysia – and go home everyday feeling like you have learnt and achieved more.