Afterschool Care


The After School Care program was started in response to low-income latch-key children who have no homework support once out of school due to both parents eking a living. This program aims to both give homework guidance and be deterrence against loitering and knock on deviant behaviour.

Furthermore higher education is not aspirational for many of the children struggling to keep up in school. Many are lacking in motivation with higher education the furthest from their mind. Going down the educational value chain, this programme provides an invaluable safety net and results have shown better discipline, school attendance and ability to manage their own selves.


The Schools

  • SJKC Kempas Baru, Johor
  • SJKC Kuo Min, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan
  • SJKC Yu Hua, Kajang, Selangor
  • SJKT Durian Tunggal, Melaka
  • SK Lok Yuk, Inanam, Sabah


The Partners

  • UBS
  • Child.Org
  • Teach For Malaysia


Tertiary Scholars

This non - bonded scholarship has traditionally been the backbone of the Foundation to benefit Malaysian students from low-income families and it was primarily the reason the Foundation was set up. The Foundation believes that providing scholarships is about providing opportunities – giving a chance to students to have the higher education necessary to come into their own and be the next generation of leaders and captains of industry.

RM 2,000,000 is allocated each year for scholarship grants to the public for diploma and undergraduate studies and we strongly and actively encourage students with disabilities to apply.

To ensure success in this current social and economic environment where a degree does not often equate with employment or an ability to be entrepreneurs we have also set up:

  • Leadership Camps [link to scholar’s page] to support our scholars. Those camps are aimed to instil motivation, confidence self-believe and our Group Values [link to Group Website] to ensure that our Hong Leong Scholars are that much more competitive in the private sector; and
  • Structured internship [link] programmes with Group companies. Internships are deemed critical by educational institutions and prospective employers in ensuring that students graduate into the workforce with sufficient knowledge and relevant experience.


Hong Leong Masters Scholars

Hong Leong Master Scholars are chosen not just for their outstanding scholarly achievements but for their character, commitment to others and their potential to be leaders and future captains of industry wherever their careers may lead. We look for young Malaysians between the ages of 23 to 35 who are natural leaders, who embody the guiding principles of the Foundation, which is to alleviate poverty and to contribute to national development with strong Group values of integrity, tenacity, foresight and humility.   If you are keen, passionate and articulate with strong acumen for future trends why not email us at and inquire more about our Masters program.


Online Application

Application for 2013/2014 intake is closed.


General FAQ

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Scholars Hall of Fame

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