Community Welfare Program

HLF Welfare Program

The Community Welfare Programme aims to support the needs of underprivileged communities in Malaysia through two programmes:

  • Ad-Hoc Donations: The Foundation supports the basic needs of charitable organisations as well as sustainable projects that are able to benefit their target beneficiaries in the long run
  • Emergency Donations: The Foundation provides financial and material support to social or humanitarian organizations aiding those affected by natural disasters or other emergencies

Some of the beneficiaries include orphans, the mentally and physically challenged, senior citizens and single mothers.

To date, more than RM12million has been contributed to various charitable organizations through the Community Welfare Programme.

If your organisation’s goals align with ours and you’d like to work with us, click the button below to submit a grant application!

HLF Grants


Grant Applications
What does the Hong Leong Foundation support? The Foundation generally supports and funds:

  • Long term, sustainable projects that are related to education and community development
  • Basic needs of homes, NGOs and other organisations – including food, infrastructure etc.
What won’t the Hong Leong Foundation support? The Foundation does not support:

  • Fundraising events
  • General events like funfairs, seminars, donation drives
  • Sporting events
What are some examples of projects and organizations that the Foundation has supported? Some examples of projects/organizations that the Foundation has supported:

  • Generasi Gemilang: we helped to fund an after-school coaching project that they run for underprivileged kids
  • SOLS 247 – their education programmes and SOLS Tech project
  • Pertiwi Soup Kitchen – we provided funds to cover the cost of purchasing food for their distribution to the homeless
  • Ray of Hope – we provided funds for them to procure baking utensils and such to develop their skills training programme for the people in their Home
  • Montfort Youth Centre – we provided funds for them to develop their infrastructure and develop programme materials.
How do I apply for a grant from the Hong Leong Foundation? While the Foundation evaluates grant applicants on a case-by-case basis, the general way to apply for a grant would be to:

  1. Download and complete the Needs Assessment Form
  2. Email the Needs Assessment Form along with a cover letter or email introducing yourself, your organisation and what you want to do with the funds you are applying for
  3. If you are working on a specific project and looking for funding for that, it would help if you attached a short proposal on that particular project
Who can apply for a grant from the Foundation? The Foundation supports registered charities and non-profits that support education and community development.
If you are not a registered charity or non-profit but are running a sustainable project in the field of education or community development, you can still submit an application by downloading, completing and sending us the Needs Assessment Form as mentioned above.
I am an individual and not affiliated with any societies but would like to apply for financial assistance from the Foundation. How do I go about doing this? As the Foundation can only disburse funds to organizations, we recommend that you enlist help from another organization that would be willing to be an intermediary between yourself and the Foundation. This means that you will be applying for and potentially receiving the grant through this organisation.
How long is the grant application process? Depending on how quickly your organisation completes the assessment form and submits all necessary documents, the grant application process should take around 2 months. This means that you should know whether or not you will receive the grants within 2 months of your application.
How do I know if I am successful in applying for a grant? A team member from the Foundation will be in touch with you to inform you of whether or not your application was successful.
What happens if I am successful in applying for a grant? Once you are successful in your grant application, the process is as follows:

  1. The Foundation will disburse the funds to your organisation either in one sum or in stages, depending on your needs and agreed upon terms of disbursement
  2. Upon receiving the funds, the Foundation will require you to send a tax-exempt receipt and letter acknowledging the funds received by your organisation
  3. Upon completion of your project, the Foundation will require you to submit a letter acknowledging that the funds were used for agreed-upon expenditures, along with a Donation Report (downloadable here).
Am I allowed to re-apply for a grant if my first application is unsuccessful? If your organisation re-submits the same application that was initially unsuccessful, there is a strong chance that it will not be successful the second time around.
The Foundation recommends that you submit an application for a different project that would fall within the scope of projects and initiatives that the Foundation supports.
Am I allowed to fill up the Needs Assessment Form in another language? Yes. Please feel free to fill up the form in your preferred language
What do I do if I have trouble filling up the form, or do not understand how to fill it up? You can call our Foundation team at +(603) 2164 1818 ext. 3359 and they will be able to assist you should you have any trouble completing the form.

HLF Grants