Community Partnership Programme

The Community Partner Programme aims to build capacity, management skills, and programme structures in partner organizations to enable them to achievetheir mission and vision in more sustainable and effective ways. Partner organizations are usually brought on board with a 3-year partnership contract, where we set out clear programme goals and exit strategies.


The Foundation focuses on three pillars under the Community Partnership Programme, which are:

  • Employment Development - Brighter Future Programme: The Foundation works with social organisations that are carrying out or aim to carry out programmes that assist unemployed or underemployed youth, women, and persons living with disabilities be self-sufficient through employment or entrepreneurship
  • Welfare Home Transformation - Better Homes Programme: The Foundation works with social organisations and other partners to improve overall conditions of welfare homes in Malaysia, including support of critical physical infrastructure, governance and management, and beneficiary development
  • NGO Accelerator Programme: The Foundation aims to contribute towards the development of overall NGO capacity in Malaysia by helping existing NGOs improve operations, establish management “best practices”, structure and scale up to become more efficient and self-sustaining

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Community Partnership Programme