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Intern Diaries – Alexi Nash

Wanting to get experience and bigger opportunities internationally; I chose Hong Leong Foundation as they work closely NGOs.What I experienced was a beautiful team of well rounded, intelligent people; whose passion for social justice and politics and social change shone through. Each had there own passions in the field and gave me such an educated insight. All were helpful, friendly and made me feel extremely welcome. The work environment was extremely relaxed and gave their […]

A Scholar’s Journey- Tan Kar Man

Two months have passed since I started graduate school in London and it already feels like an eternity. Everything is fast paced in London, with it being one of the most strategic locations in the world. I half expected to find a sanctuary in university where I can be away from the hectic city life, but the course is equally fast paced. It took a week or two to get used to but I am […]

Intern Diaries – Zhi Sheng

In this second installation of the Intern Diaries, Zhi Sheng describes how his communication skills, both verbal and written has sharpen during the duration of his internship.    It all started when I decided to try something new and meaningful during my two-month long semester break. Being a Foundation scholar, the first idea that came to my mind was to apply for an internship with the Foundation. To my surprise, I was accepted, and that […]

Foundation awards students with scholarship to pursue tertiary education

“DON’T let circumstances or obstacles hold you back from achieving your dreams. Seize every opportunity, even small ones, as they are a step closer to your dreams,” said 24-year old Suresh Ramsamy. The story of Suresh’s journey is an inspiring one, as he is an only child and taking care of his elderly parents who are also infirm. These circumstances and a lack of funding prevented him from furthering his studies. However, Suresh, and another […]

Hong Leong Foundation Featured in The Malaysian Insider

Suresh Ramsamy, 24, cooks and cares for his parents daily. His father is wheelchair-bound after losing a leg to diabetes while his mother is a stroke survivor who suffers from hypertension. A devoted son, he thought he would have to give up on his dream of becoming an eye doctor. Hong Leong Foundation thought differently, however. It presented Suresh with a full scholarship to pursue a Medical Science degree at Cyberjaya University College of Medical […]

A Scholar’s Journey – Nadia Mohd Noh

In this third installation of A Scholar’s Journey, we take a look at Nadia Mohd Noh who is taking her Masters in Financial Analysis in La Trobe University, Melbourne.  The MFA (Master in Financial Analysis) program at the La Trobe University has definitely broadened my academic horizons. It has helped me enriched my problem-solving skills and I was able to experience being in a group with group members comprising of different backgrounds from different countries. […]

A Scholar’s Journey – Joanna Ghazali

Every year, the Hong Leong Foundation provides scholarships for individuals interested in studying for their Masters. In a year, a total of two intakes will be open for applications. In this second installation of A Scholar’s Journey, Joanna Ghazali shares her experiences as a scholar studying Masters of Business Administration at the Boston University. I was looking around my cubicle one day, taking stock of what I needed to do for each of my piles of paperwork – when I came […]

A Scholar’s Journey – Lim Ai Han

Every year, the Hong Leong Foundation provides scholarships for individuals interested in studying for their Masters. In a year, a total of two intakes will be open for applications. In this first installation of A Scholar’s Journey, Lim Ai Han shares his experiences as a scholar studying Master of Architecture at the University of Melbourne. A year into living in Melbourne, Australia, I have learned how this city is well planned and how it is aligned with social […]

Intern Diaries – Tory Yew

A go-getter, Tory describes himself as being constantly eager to develop himself. In this first installation of Intern Diaries, Tory Yew shares his experience of being an intern with the Hong Leong Foundation.    I am a person who is eager for self-development. A go-getter, I do not like to live my life unproductively even though I could just relax for the entire duration of my semester break, I would choose to utilise it, it […]