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By Mavist Cruz
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The Importance of a Scholarship

Mavist Cruz is a Hong Leong Foundation scholar and she is currently pursuing a Degree in Petroleum Engineering in UCSI. Here, she shares her thoughts on the importance of a scholarship. If you are interested to be a Hong Leong Foundation scholar like Mavist, click here ! The biggest mistake you can make is thinking that you have to have your whole life figured out at such a young age. The ‘I must’s are much painful […]

Intern Diaries – Ruth Patricks & Jeyasree Meganathan

Who says heroines don’t even exist within the walls of the corporate office? Sporadically placed post it notes and undocumented files strewn over the offices tables would be the last thing that you would expect from these two super-organized interns. Meet Ruth and Jeya. Their job scope consists of helping to key in top secret data in Excel sheets, keeping the Hong Leong Foundation page lively as possible on Facebook by providing fun facts and […]

Intern Diaries – Ellie

When I first visited Hong Leong Foundation, I was not sure of what to expect. However, after working with this inspiring team for a few weeks, I can say for sure that it was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had so far. I had the pleasure of participating in various meaningful projets. Initially, I partook in the establishment of a new SOLS scholarship in Penang’s university PSDC. It was a unique experience, […]

A Scholar’s Journey – Choong Wei Ling

Someone once told me: “Never let financial constraints restrict your dreams. Let the sky be your limit.” I remember I was in my final year of my pre-university education when I heard this advice. Like many other Malaysian students, I was at a crossroad and I did not know which path to choose. Studying in Oxford has always been my dream, but I was too afraid to put forward my application. I was afraid that […]

A Scholar’s Journey- Shaun Adam

“A journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step”, – Lao Tzu. The wise words of this old Chinese philosopher have echoed throughout history and for me, it has proven time and time again very relevant. The globalized World has allowed us to see many different things from all around the World, but I wanted to experience it. I wanted an International experience where I could learn and grow from other cultures and […]

A Scholar’s Journey – Amelia Ng

“Nothing is impossible” is a phrase frequently said by many. But, how many of us hold this belief dearly in our daily lives, be it while pursuing our dreams or even achieving a new goal? Life as we all know never ceases to throw challenges at us. Then again, we won’t be left to face them alone. There are many good Samaritans around, waiting to lend us a helping hand. I found one – Hong […]

Intern Diaries – Ong Ying Hui

  The outcome from my internship was more than what I expected. It was exciting to observe how a corporate company operates. The dress code in the workplace, the place setting and organizational culture was very much different from what I experienced in school. My main responsibility was to do administrative work and also research about NGOs in Malaysia. From the responsibilities that were given to me, I better understood the functions of Hong Leong […]

A Scholar’s Journey- Liyanie Hazimi

After matriculation, I choose to pursue accounting through the mainstream path which is entering the undergraduate studies. Receiving an offer letter from University of Malaya (UM) had brought me one step closer to my dream. A week later, I received the Undergraduate Scholarship from the Hong Leong Leong Foundation o which was a blessing.  It was double joy for me and I promised myself that I’ll make the best out of my undergraduate years. The four years […]

A Scholar’s Journey – Chua Yong Xia

Being a former Foundation scholar, I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude towards Hong Leong Foundation for granting me the scholarship to complete my undergraduate study in University Science Malaysia (USM). It is my honour to share my experience as a former HLF scholar. I graduated in Bachelor Degree of Accountancy in USM. Instead of choosing to start my career, I opt to start my postgraduate study and ACCA. The main reason is I feel […]