We should be mindful that we avoid building a Group whose total concentration is to make profit – devoid of human touch and excitement. The Group has long been committed to a policy of social responsibility by striving for the betterment of society and holds strongly the belief that an organization does not detach itself from its social responsibilities.

~Tan Sri Quek Leng Chan, Chairman of Hong Leong Foundation


Incorporated in 1992, The Hong Leong Foundation is a corporate foundation driven by the interest and passion of the Hong Leong Group. It is funded by contributions from Hong Leong Group Malaysia's (the "Group") companies and is thus effectively its charitable arm; where most of the Group’s philanthropic activities are conducted.

The Foundation is very careful to whom we give our money to and we select charities based on their transparency, accountability, and of course, the good work and the effectiveness of such work. While we demand high standards from our beneficiaries we also expect the same from ourselves. We have a fund that is contributed by the Hong Leong Group's companies and managed diligently and professionally by Hong Leong Fund Management enabling the Foundation to increase our donation amounts each year. We adhere strictly to the rules of the Inland Revenue Board (IRB) and apart from fair remuneration to the Fund Management there is no staff remuneration and the bulk of our administrative cost is funded by the Hong Leong Management Company.

Each year we are audited by independent third party auditors and the Foundation’s full yearly accounts can be obtained from the Companies Commission Malaysia. Our Board of Directors takes a keen interest in the operations of the Foundation and we meet once a month with the Chair to ensure that the path the Foundation takes is close to the sentiments of the Board. We are constantly aware that our Fund must reach grassroots level and are directly for the beneficiaries. As such we do not sponsor events, galas, etc.

We prefer generally to work with set programs with measurable key performer indicators so that we can gauge how effective our help is.


To contribute to the alleviation of poverty in Malaysia through sustainable and effective programmes that:

  • improve educational outcomes for low income students, and
  • provide financial support for alleviating the plight of the abandoned and destitute elderly and children.


  • To identify and develop innovative programmes that advance education and community development in Malaysia, in accordance with the charter of the Foundation
  • To provide grants for high impact, sustainable projects that aid the nation’s poorest
  • To facilitate smart partnerships with charities, non-profits, and community organizations to further the philanthropic mandate of the Foundation
  • To implement and evaluate its programmes, drawing lessons for improvement