Intern Diaries – Ruth Patricks & Jeyasree Meganathan

Who says heroines don’t even exist within the walls of the corporate office? Sporadically placed post it notes and undocumented files strewn over the offices tables would be the last thing that you would expect from these two super-organized interns. Meet Ruth and Jeya.

Their job scope consists of helping to key in top secret data in Excel sheets, keeping the Hong Leong Foundation page lively as possible on Facebook by providing fun facts and educational articles, go get super-urgent mails, and lead the team’s recycling heroes all the way from Mentakab on twice a month basis.

When we asked them both, on why they chose to do their internship with us, Jeya mentioned that she was keeping her eye out for a job placement, just when Shafiq posted up the internship offer on Facebook. (Lucky her!).

Ruth, as we found out thought it would be cool to finally fill up her resume with her first ever internship at Hong Leong Foundation, rather than to fulfill her wishes of being a temporary potato couch back at home as her university permits it (We’re only joking!).

Apart from having to walk a little further to get to the Wisma back and fro from KLCC especially at peak hours, Ruth and Jeya proclaimed that they did not face any challenges, because Shafiq made it easy for them.

If it’s the one memory that they would recall from the Foundation, it’ll be the jovial individual named Shafiq who always effortlessly keeps the office alive, apart from annoying these girls until he gets on their nerves. Ouch haha. ‘Without him it would be quite boring in the office’, mentioned Jeya. They equally love seeing everyone wear smiles on their faces in the office. ‘I like the working environment, it’s always happy, everybody has always some kind of story to share everyday’, added Ruth.

So how super-organized are our interns as they seem to be? Here at the Foundation, Jeya and Ruth learnt Excel shortcuts, filing and categorizing documents even at the top most shelves to the hard to find places, besides cheque dispatching duties and answering phone calls. Ruth revealed that she had gotten rid of her fears of making phone calls, when she was asked to call up scholars to get updates from them.

We even asked them an interesting question to get to more about their personality,’ You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?’. Jeya indicated that she would be the light purple colored crayon because she is more focused and relaxed, whereas Ruth chooses to be the light blue colored crayon because she likes things to be calm at hand and to her it resembles a person who is patient.

Join the Hong Leong Foundation league to unleash your superpowers! Spoiler alert: Here we treat friends as families, you would not regret the experience.